I like to blog about stuff like running, business, my life and other stuff I’m interested in. Hopefully you’ll find some of it interesting too.

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Latest Posts

  • Project Breaking (my own) Boundaries Sub 2:45h-Marathon

    Project Breaking (my own) Boundaries Sub 2:45h-Marathon

    Ende Oktober möchte ich den Frankfurt-Marathon unter 2:45h laufen.


  • Sub3 Marathon Training

    Sub3 Marathon Training

    ore is not always better. Harder is not always better. Pushing hard at the very beginning of a race is stupid especially in a marathon. Running at low intensity is really slow. A race is always hard, no matter how much you have trained before. Torturing yourself through injuries is stupid. Eating during a marathon…


  • How I run a Sub3 hour marathon

    How I run a Sub3 hour marathon

    In 2018 I ran my first marathon in 4:00:04 (5:40min/km Pace). In September 2022 I ran my second marathon in 2:58:20 (4:13min/km pace). More than 1 hour faster. In this article I describe how I got there. My background Meine Reise im Ausdauersport begann 2017. Nachdem ich zuvor 15 Jahre Fussball gespielt hatte, setzte ich…


  • My journey of making money online (so far)

    My journey of making money online (so far)

    It must have been around the time i was 13 or 14 years old. The beginning was a stupid online browsergame… I came across a quite famous game at that time called „Pennergame,“ which had quite an unappealing name that roughly translates to „Homeless Game.“ Looking back, such a disrespectful name and such a disrespectful…


  • Made of sports

    Made of sports

    My journey into sports began as a 6 or 7-year-old child when I was taken to soccer practice by a friend from kindergarten. From that moment on, I played soccer for 21 years, usually three times a week. I remember being reasonably good as a child, with my strength being my endurance and speed. As…