On my experiences and progress in life, sports and building a business.

  • My skill acquisition journey

    My skill acquisition journey

    As a teenager, I wasn’t interested in traditional part-time jobs, so I started exploring ways to earn money on the internet. The first option I found was paidmailing platforms. A concept which remains puzzling to me even now – you’d get paid for simply opening promotional emails and websites. The earnings were ridiculously small, but…



  • What do you want to work on? – Part 1: Self-Reflection

    What do you want to work on? – Part 1: Self-Reflection

    Ever wondered what do you want to work in your life? In this article I want to describe aspects that might be helpful. It all starts with the self-reflection of your: Take out pen and paper and follow the framework to rewrite your career path 1. Skills Create a detailed list of your skills and…


  • Frankfurt Marathon 2023

    Frankfurt Marathon 2023

    It was brutal. Mentally challenging. Windy and rainy. My expectations were high. The goal was to run under 2:50h. That, at least I thought, would have been possible with my preparation. Far from it, as it turned out…. The conditions The temperatures were almost optimal with 13-15°. It could probably even have been a little…


  • How I ran a Sub 3h Marathon

    How I ran a Sub 3h Marathon

    In 2018 I ran my first marathon in 4:00:04 (5:40min/km Pace). In September 2022 I ran my second marathon in 2:58:20 (4:13min/km pace). More than 1 hour faster. In this article I describe how I got there. My running background – The first marathon My journey in endurance sports started in 2017. After playing soccer…


  • My journey of making money online (so far)

    My journey of making money online (so far)

    It must have been around the time i was 13 or 14 years old. The beginning was a stupid online browsergame. I came across a quite famous game in Germany at that time called “Pennergame,” which had quite an unappealing name that roughly translates to “Homeless Game.” Looking back, such a disrespectful name and such…


  • Made of sports

    Made of sports

    My path in sports began as a 6 or 7-year-old child when a friend from kindergarten took me to soccer training. From that moment on, I played soccer for 21 years, usually three times a week. I remember being reasonably good as a child, with my strength being my endurance and speed. As a senior…


Hi, I’m Jan ✌️

I’m a studied engineer currently working as a product manager.
In my free time I’m up to create leverage on the internet. Also I am an endurance sports enthusiast with focus on breaking (my own) records in running. On this website I share my journey, projects I’m working on, the things I’ve learned and what I’m interested in.