Über meine Erfahrungen und Fortschritte im Leben, im Sport und beim Aufbau eines Unternehmens.

  • What falling in love with the process actually means

    What falling in love with the process actually means

    „When you fall in love with the process rather than the end product, you don’t have to wait to give yourself permission to be happy“ – James Clear (Atomic Habits) Once I reach my goal, then I’ll be happy. You may say this to yourself very often. As we all know, the happiness of having…


  • My skill acquisition journey

    My skill acquisition journey

    As a teenager, I wasn’t interested in traditional part-time jobs, so I started exploring ways to earn money on the internet. The first option I found was paidmailing platforms. A concept which remains puzzling to me even now – you’d get paid for simply opening promotional emails and websites. The earnings were ridiculously small, but…



  • What do you want to work on? – Part 1: Self-Reflection

    What do you want to work on? – Part 1: Self-Reflection

    Ever wondered what do you want to work in your life? In this article I want to describe aspects that might be helpful. It all starts with the self-reflection of your: Take out pen and paper and follow the framework to rewrite your career path 1. Skills Create a detailed list of your skills and…


  • Frankfurt Marathon 2023

    Frankfurt Marathon 2023

    It was brutal. Mentally challenging. Windy and rainy. My expectations were high. The goal was to run under 2:50h. That, at least I thought, would have been possible with my preparation. Far from it, as it turned out…. The conditions The temperatures were almost optimal with 13-15°. It could probably even have been a little…


  • How I ran a Sub 3h Marathon

    Wie ich einen Marathon unter 3 Stunden gelaufen bin

    In 2018 I ran my first marathon in 4:00:04 (5:40min/km Pace). In September 2022 I ran my second marathon in 2:58:20 (4:13min/km pace). More than 1 hour faster. In this article I describe how I got there. My running background – The first marathon My journey in endurance sports started in 2017. After playing soccer…


Hi, ich bin Jan ✌️

Ich bin ein studierter Ingenieur und arbeite derzeit als Produktmanager.
In meiner Freizeit beschäftige ich mich mit dem Schaffen im Internet. Außerdem bin ich ein begeisterter Ausdauersportler, der sich darauf konzentriert, (eigene) Rekorde im Laufen zu brechen. Auf dieser Website teile ich meine Reise, Projekte, an denen ich arbeite, die Dinge, die ich gelernt habe und was mich interessiert.